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I have been on the receiving end of some lovely friends this week.

I had a surprise parcel in the post on Friday, from my friend Sheryl, but hmmm, I wasn’t expecting anything.  I open it to find a beautiful birth announcement for her lovely wee girl. But there was also a hank of Utiki wool for me to dye, some Dirty Soap AND some chocolate.

I have to admit, that the chocolate didn’t last even an hour.  But I can’t bring myself to open the soap, since it looks are darn pretty, even though it smells absolutely divine.   The wool will most definitely be dyed in the next session.

Then, I came home yesterday, to find yet another surprise.  This is what I get for gripping I guess, oops!  A beautiful new set of light mamapads and an Aero Mint Bar.

Well, you have to imagine the the Aero bar, as chocolate doesn’t last long around these parts.  Yes, I love chocolate.  I also love Esther, who is just the sweetest and most thoughtful person.

Thanks for making my week you two.  Muah!


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