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I think we have some royalty in the family!

Doesn’t Miss KT4 looks too cute.?!

OK, it was a royal pain in the bum to do.  I have been waiting to do this crown for awhile, but since you can’t get the Lion Brand Glitterspun Yarn in New Zealand, I put it off.  But i was in Knit World yesterday, and saw this yarn, and it immediately made me think of the crown. It’s Jo Sharp Lumina, which is an 8 ply yarn, 62% viscose, 36% cotton and 2% polyester, and it has little tiny gold sequins strung on the yarn.  I used a 3.75mm hook to crochet the yarn around some 26 gauge floral wire.  I did 3 rounds of singles on the base, and 7 rounds of 7 chain segments, adding picots at the points of the seventh round.

I need to use some spray stiffner I think, as a couple of uses and it will be ruined.  And then, maybe add some dangley jewels too.

A couple more pics…


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Well, I finished.  The Ravelympics are done.  Ten knitting projects are complete.  And I still had seven hours to spare by the time I was done.

My first two projects were done in a flash, being small items.  The next three, took a couple days, but were done in the first weekend of the Olympics.  Then I slowed.  Sore fingers will do that to you.

So, here are the last five.

I’ve done another pair of the Slip Stitch Longies like I did in this post.  I am just in love with these, so will post a pattern soon for anyone else keen to knit them up.

These are knit using The Wool Company Utiku Multi coloured in the Sunset shade.  I love how the pooling is still slightly visible, yet totally broken up by the slip stitches.  Here are a couple more pics, closeup.

A friend of mine is just starting chemotherapy, so I’ve knit up a hat to keep his warm in the coming Northerm Hemisphere winter.   It’s the Ribbed Beanie from Wooly Wornhead, knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky.  Nice and simple, yet very stylish.  Modeled by the lovely DH.

This is the last bag for the Ravelympics Bag And Tote Backstroke.  It’s the Watercolour Bag, knit in Utiku for the edging and bottom, and Noro Kureyon for the body of the bag.  I wussed out and just used leather for the straps, instead of knitting a 10 foot icord.

So, I was finally on the home stretch.  I saved the socks until the end, because they were going to take longer than the longies.  Nothing like prcrastinating.  I had a lovely Regia sock wool for KM7, but could I find the wool?  Nope.  So I knit up some Opal Lollipop, which KM7 seems equally pleased with.

And the finale, would of course HAVE to be longies.  Knit using The Wool Company Utiku Possum Merino, I knit these up for a little wee man, set to arrive in the world in September/October.  I wanted them to be able to go with everything, and what goes with everything better than jeans.

So, as I cross the finish line, fingers in plasters, Ben Gay rubbed into joints, toothpicks holding eyes open, I did what any avid knitter would do.  Cast on.

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I have quite a few friends who are amazing knitters. I love being inspired by others’ creativity, and even more so, when I know them personally. One of these friends is Gabes. In addition to being a fabulous WAHM, she knits like the wind. So many beautiful creations fly off her needles.

Recently, Gabes’ nephew was diagnosed with Leukemia, so she decided to knit him a hat to keep him warm during his chemo. It was while she was knitting the hat, that she had a brainwave. She worked up her pattern for the hat and now has it as a free pattern on her blog, with the request of making a donation to the Child Cancer Foundation (NZ)

Gabes asked for pattern testers, so I put up my hand. Waved impatiently while jumping up and down until she noticed me and sent me the pattern. I quickly got out my needles and cast on. I finished the knitting part of the hat that evening. The next part of the pattern had to do with pure needle hell picking up stitches.

Why I have a phobia of picking up stitches, I DON’T KNOW. Something about trying to do what I consider more of a crochet stitch, all while using a hook-less needle. Then I had a brainwave of my own. Are you sitting down? Drumroll………………………………………. CROCHET THE EDGING YOU IDIOT!!!!

So, 15 minutes, and about 3 months later, I have finally finished. What a great pattern tester I was. Not.

Anyway, here is the finished hat, Finally! It’s knit in Twilley’s Freedom Spirit, with Cleckheaton Color 4 me on the edging.

The finished Ear Flap Hat

This is what it would look like on a newborn babe, except the babe wouldn’t be sitting on the table, of course!!

The Ear Flap Hat Being Modeled

I made a few alterations from Gabes’ pattern, the first of which was to crochet the edge. Instead of starting at the earflap points, I started at the back seam, and crocheted 92 single stitches, ending with a slip stitch into the first single stitch. Easy peasy!

Second alteration was how I attached the tassels. I cut the three pieces of yarn as per the pattern, but looped it instead of threading it through the Ear Flap Points. I used a 4mm crochet hook, inserted it from wrong side to right side, hooked my three pieces of yarn and pulled the loop through to the back of the flap.

Attaching the Tassle

Then i looped the loose strands onto the hook and pulled them through the loop at the back side. This gives a nice finish to the tip of the ear flap.


I plaited (braided) and voila!

One Ear Flap Hat!!

The finished hat!

Gabes, if you’ve gotten this far, I sure do hope you’ll still let me test for you next time.  Doh!

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