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Anyone still reading?

It’s been a whole year since I posted. Shame on me.  So, I decided to celebrate by posting again. What better way to celebrate than with birthday cake?

The kids and I decided on a Twilight Saga cake this year and we spent hours upon hours making it together. And here it is…

We did some improvising with the pieces on top. That would be a golf ball inside of the “apple” and we used real chess pieces to help the shape of the pawn and queen. The queen was a bit temperamental, but alas, we succeeded. My quilting ruler and pizza cutter were even put to use.

The black icing was a bit difficult to do, but I started with chocolate fondant/read-made icing, and used cake dyes from there. I ran out of fondant so we improvised with some red buttercream icing for the ribbon and edgings.

The best part?  It’s red velvet cake!

I’m not so sure I’d make it again since it took TWO TABLESPOONS of red food colouring. Need I say that the kids were insane after eating this? Deja vu.

Edward joined in the fun too. He had a forking good time!

So, glad to be back! Stay tuned.



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