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Teachers’ Gifts Plus Two

I am always trying to come up with nice, yet simple gifts.  I had made several necklaces from the 101 Designer One Skein Book.  Such an easy yet effective pattern, and a perfect, personalised gift.

So I decided that this is what I would do for teacher gifts this year.

The girls were informed to ask each teacher, what was their favourite colour.  Then we figured out colour combos and got to work.  These are the six we made up:

This one is for KJ9’s teacher, who has cool green glasses.  Its knit on Paton’s Serenity, which is a bamboo/cotton mix.


The second one is for the teacher’s aide in KJ9’s class., who said her favourite colour was yellow. I used a cotton/acrylic mix on this one, as it was the right tone of yellow that I was looking for in a yarn.


KM7’s teacher is getting a bright blue necklace,  knit on Moda Vera Soya, which is a soft and delicate yarn. But it is perfect for minimal stress when stringing the beads


A second one in the blue since the first one turned out so well.  This is for one of KT5’s Kindy teachers.


This one is also for one of the Kindy teachers.  Miss L loves blue, the colour of the sky.  I was surprised to find these beautiful beads at Spotlight, but it was a great colour to use with the cream Paton’s Serenity.


Miss N gets the red one, which I think is lovely.  Of course, red IS my fav colour, so I might be a bit biased. Again, knit with Paton’s Serenity (can you tell which yarn is my fav for using beads yet?).


My lovely hair stylist saw the one I did in this post, and asked me to make one for her daughter for Christmas.  She said to surprise her, so this is what I did.


The way the beads came out, it’s almost like it’s reversible.  This is what the *other* side looks like.


This is the order in which I strung I beads, written to represent each row as you knit it, just in case you want to try it and you have the pattern book:

G = Green, P=P

(1P 1G) x 10  2P  3G  4P  5G  6P 7G 6P  5G 4GP  3G  2P  (1G 1P) x 10

1G  2P  3G  4P  5G  6P  5G  4P  3G  2P  1G

1G  2P  3G  4P  5G  4P  3G  2P  1G

1G  2P  3G  4P  3G  2P  1G

1G  2P  3G  2P  1G

1G  2P  1G


And since my hair stylist is so cool, I made her one as well.  The picture doesn’t do it justice those.  The beads are pinkish brown in colour with an iridescent coating, so they almost take on the colour that you are wearing.  And she loved it too. Phew



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