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I decided that the kids needed Christmas outfits this year.  Don’t ask me why. Well, actually, I know why.  My to-do list is almost the same length as Santa’s list, and it was a fun distraction.  That’s why.

I bought this book a few months ago called New Noel, and made the table runners and place mats (that’s for another post). But it also gave me another idea.

So I made a trip down to the local T and T kids store and bought some white T-shirts. Then I used the letters from the New Noel pattern book, and some hand drawn holly leaves, and appliqued them to the shirts.  I added red buttons as the holly berries too, and this is what I ended up with.


The *n* shirt had to have an extra holly leaf, because I am a knob, and snipped the shirt while snipping a thread.  Applique is a life saver at times.

Here is a closer pic of the *O*


I had originally planned on doing skirts for the girls to match, but some patterns that I ordered through a friend arrived.  They are some of the Sandi Henderson Portobello Pixie patterns and they are TOO CUTE.  So I picked the easiest pants pattern, and made ruffle capris for the girls. (Please excuse the raggamuffin look)


Don’t worry.  The boy didn’t get ruffle pants.  But he did get matching boardies 😉



So, all together, this is what they looked like.  Don’t you just love their smiles.


And this is a pic of the kiddos on Christmas Eve.  Yes, we braved the shopping mall on Christmas Eve, as a special birthday treat.  This was the best Santa ever, as he sang Miss KT5 Happy Birthday.  How cool is that?!?!?!



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