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We’ve been in Wellington now for nine months.  Can’t believe it’s that long.  And I am still unpacking and trying to decide what things I want hung and where.  I just have too many things, plain and simple.  But I have a few things I love love love, and one of them is my set of Pottery Barn Shelves.  When we sold our last house, the lady who put in the first offer tried to sweeten her deal by adding these said loved shelves, into the contract.  I said no.  Period.

But I haven’t figured out where I wanted them in this house.  They would either go in the upstairs hallway, or above the kids play area.  R pushed the issue this weekend when he got the shelves out and put them on the floor in the middle of the hallway.  A subtle hint, I reckon.

So we put them up, but they were a bit bare.  The way we arranged them, I had to reorganise what I put on them.  I decided I wanted a *V* since that is the first initial of our family name, so got a plain one on Monday and gave it a few coats of paint.  Then, clever chook that I am, decided I wanted to put a stamped print on it.  Hmm, note to self: don’t try to do stamping with paint when there is a four year old having a tantrum at your feet.  So, instead of my letter having this nice print:

Swirl Stamp

it has a double stamped version of it, in an attempt to fix the mistake when said four year old knocked into me.  It now looks like 1980’s crackle paint.  NOT the look I was after.

The Letter V

But never fear!  Thanks to the rest of the clutter on the shelves, you can’t even see the pattern.

The Wall

Oh well, at least that’s one more thing off my to-do list.


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