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Feeling the Blog Love

I have met so many amazing people online, many of whom have been become very close friends in real life as well.  One of these is the lovely Gabes of SweetP Knits.  Gabes tagged me with a blog award the other day, which gave me a whole day full of warm fuzzies.  She is such a lovely person and very inspirational in her creations.  Thanks babe for thinking of me 😀

So, I’m passing it on.

One dear friend is Neak.  She creates the most divine jewelry, on top of the beautiful knits and hand sewn creations.  Have a look through, and you’ll even see some of the gorgeous items that I have received in the past.

Another is the lovely SharonNZ. I connect her her on so many levels.  I love to sit and chat with her about life and kids and crafts because she is so practical and down to earth.  I am in awe.

And because good things come in threes, I also just have to mention Kelly of Incidental Happiness. What a truly kind, generous and inspirational crafty mama.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse of the blogs I stalk 😀


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