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Almost there

Have had these cute yarn dolls done for a few days.  They have been sitting on the back of the couch waiting for me to give them faces and clothes.  But I couldn’t wait until they were done to take a pic, so thought I would share.

The basic pattern for the doll body is simple.  I used not quite two balls 100 gm balls of acrylic yarn for the two bodies and one 100gm ball of acrylic for the hair on both dolls combined.  I didn’t followed the pattern when I attached the hair as I didn’t  like how it looked.  I wanted the hair to be *functional* so that pony-tails and plaits could be done by little fingers if so wished. So I looped the hair through the head, two strands at a time.  The fringe is looped and sewn at the front.  Now, time to decide on eyes colour.  As for the mouths, they will of course be smiling.  And then, will figure out how to cloth them, but now that I can get to the sewing machine, I can whip up something quick.

Which brings me to my very, unbelieveably late late late handbag swap on TNN.  I was the organiser — how shameful.  I have two giftees, one of which was sent off already.  The second one required the sewing machine.  Well, now it will finally get done.  As a way of saying sorry, I knit up this bag kit I bought at The Warehouse a year ago, to send along as a bonus.  I will do this pattern again, as it knits up quick and looks very cool, if I do say so myself.

So, now to finish up getting the pattern for the sewn bag out of my head and onto paper.  And then, finally, my swap will be done. Yay!


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