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Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Like my mother, I seem to have very cold hands. I have very vivid memories from my childhood of her getting me dressed in the morning, and the whole time, I would suck in my tummy in a futile attempt to avoid her frigid hands from touching my warm body. I don’t remember having such cold hands until the last few years, and not before I moved to New Zealand. Anyway, I am reminded of it daily, when my children run away from me when it’s time to get dressed, all in fear of the touch of my cold hands.

However, the saying is ‘Cold Hands, Warm Heart.’ Mom definitely had a warm heart. Maybe that is why we both love all things hearts. Silly maybe, but I like to think of it that way.

Cold hands aren’t good for knitting though. It’s hard to knit the night away when you are clumsily throwing wool. So yesterday, while in hospital with KM7, I knit up the left hand of the Evangeline Gloves, which is a free pattern download off of Ravelry. Half way there!

Evangeline Glove Left Hand


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