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Christmas Decoration Swap

A few of my online friends and I do a Christmas Decoration Swap each year.  We are each assigned one person and you can make an ornament or purchase one, to send to your person.  A nice simple way of remembering your friends in the festive season.

This year, I decided to try out some needle felting.  Having never done it before, I was all thumbs to start, but it didn’t take long before I got the hang of it.  I had some wool felt that I used as the background, and needle felted on top of that.  My swappee loves purple and paisleys, so I fashioned a couple of paisleys and accented with stitching and beads.  I added an “S,” which is the first initial of my swappee.  I cut out a back piece, added some stuffing and a ribbon, and blanket stitched around the edge.  This is how it turned out.


I did a heart of course, because I am all about hearts. Not to mention how much this person means to me.

And someone knows me well, because look at what I got in return in the post last week!


I am thankful for so many things, especially my dearest friends.


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No, not from the X-Files.  Though, possibly fitting.

Knit this up for a friend as a surprise.  I don’t *think* she reads my blog, so I should be safe posting it here, seeing as she would have no idea it was for her anyway.

The Pattern is the Mini Skull and Crossbones Tote from Hello Yarn, which is a free pattern.

I embellished it with pink stitching and a pink grosgrain bow.  I also found some dark gray fabric with pink skulls on it, so used that as the lining.

I have two more bags knit up, but they will have to wait for another day.

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