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A Needle in a Wool Stack

I HATE when I can’t find a set of needles that I need. I bought 3 balls of Opal sock wool last year, along with Ashford Bamboo DPNs to knit the socks with. I had cast on a few times and didn’t like the way they were coming out, so I frogged it and put the wool away. So now that I am finally getting around to socks, could I find those nice new bamboo DPNs? Of course not!

I looked:

  • in the bag with the sock wool
  • in all FIVE baskets of yarn
  • In the basket next to my spot on the couch
  • in the basket under the table in the lounge
  • in the craft room, NOT

And I looked in all those places multiple times. I KNEW I had put them with the sock wool, but they were no where to be found. I am a very cluttered person, but there really is method to my madness. Honest!

So, today, I sat down on the floor next to my dust-collectiing wool collection and had a glance at those balls of sock wool. This is what I saw.


Do you see them too? Figures! As soon as I bought a new set, the old ones literally *popped* up. Oh well. I guess I can knit two different socks at once now, huh?!


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A Sign!!!!

Oh my.  Here I am. Finally.

I knew that today had to be the day to get this blog going.  I received a sign.  A good one at that.  It told me to quit being chicken.

What was the sign you ask?  Oh, my lunch of course!  See for yourself.

A Sign

Do you see it too?

Oh good, then I really am not going nuts.

Glad to have you here with me. 😀

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