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…but now I have a new use for one!  OK, OK, I could do some sweeping, but that’s not very fun now, is it?

I came across a cool scarf on this wicked crochet blog called Roman Sock, that used something called Broomstick Lace.  It looks so flippin’ cool!

Traditional Broomstick Lace would have used the handle of a broom as a the loop gauge, hence the name.  Definitely easier to use a large diameter knitting needle though.  I found this YouTube Tutorial for Broomstick Lace, and it made it look so easy.  So off I went, to give it a go.

I have to admit, it took a bit of time to get a rhythm going. And the fact that you pull out your needle from the loops to crochet back across, had to be done in cognito, as little people seeing you pull knitting needles out of your work could well reek havoc to future knitting projects.

This scarf is done with Moda Vera Bamboo Cotton with a 3.75mm hook and a 12mm Knitting needle.  This yarn splits extremely easy, so it was a challenge to do the lacework with it.  But you live and learn.

Now, onto figuring out how I can make a lined bag with this technique.  Just imagine how cool that will look.


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