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The Ugly Fabric Swap

A few friends and I got together for an Ugly Fabric Swap.  We each were assigned a person that we had to send at least one meter of what we considered an ugly fabric.  Then, we had 6 weeks to create something made mostly from the ugly fabric that we received.

So I received a striped flannelette fabric.  I love stripes.  I have to admit though, that sewing with stripes scares the jeepers out of me!  So I had a tough time deciding what to do.  I initially though, HEY! I’ll do a bag.  Ha.  Surprising huh!  Well then I decided I would do a small lap quilt as I had a pile of various flannelette pieces.  Nixed that.

In the end, I made a skirt, a drawstring bag and a headband.


These are often referred to as Swirly skirts or Redondo Skirts.  I did it from a pattern on YouCanMakeThis.com, which has a great selection of downloadable patterns for sale.

I normally wouldn’t mix fabric weights, but the gingham check is a lightweight woven cotton from my stash.  The cow print is another flannelette from stash, and was a great match for the overall skirt.

Here is another one, that better shows the skirt.


As for the fabric I sent, I feel horrible.   I tend to not buy things that don’t fit my personal tastes, so couldn’t find anything from stash that I thought was ugly perse.  So I bought some clearance fabric for my swappee person, only it really IS ugly fabric.  And in return, she made miss KT5 a skirt.  Touche.


The night after KT5 received her skirt, KM7 and KT5 were having a conversation about said skirt deciding it was such a beautiful skirt.  KT5 loved it so much, that she even slept in it.  Um, ok.


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