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Meet “Sally”

I’m running another bag swap on TNN, like I did earlier in the year.  We decided to do it now, so that we all get new bags for Christmas.  So I’ve been hunting and searching and googling, trying to find just the right bag to make.

Then I found this bag pattern for sale.  I left it open in a window on my computer for 4 days.  I decided, right, I can definitely make that, and I don’t need a pattern to do it.

So I made a visit to the Salvation Army store and found this skirt, for $4. Bargain, as it’s a Benetton skirt too!


I did a bit more rummaging, and found a scarf for $2 too.  I had some bag handles stashed away that I rescued from a hideous old bag I found at the Sallies many months ago.  Snatched a belt from my daughter’s drawer that has long been unused, a buckle and fabric from the stash, and got to work.

This was going to be a tutorial, but doh, I took exactly ONE picture during the process.  I think I need to recharge my memory.


And turned it all into this:


I’ve named her Sally, since that’s basically where I got everything I needed to make her.

A couple more pics.


It’s not really lopsided, just slouching a bit.

And the lining, including pockets along both sides.


And just because my helper is so adorable.


So, now that’s Sally is done, I can’t bear to part with her, and have already started using it. Finally, I have a bag that I don’t have to dig for my keys or my phone.  Just like in my pants, the keys are in the right pocket and the phone is in the left.  Gotta love it!


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Tone on Tone

So there is now the most massive list of necklaces to make.  The girls are all very keen to give them to teachers, and I’ve had a few people ask me to make ones for their kiddos.  And then my girls of course need them too.  But that’s ok, because I am all about quick knits.  Ask again though when I’m done.  Six down.  Twelve, yes TWELVE to go.

These are all tone on tone.  Wasn’t sure how much I could like them, as I find that contrast in colours makes a piece stand out.  However, I am quite pleased with these.  KM7 and KT4 both had teachers having their last day this week, so I had to get a move on.


The blue one was knit in DK cotton on 3.25mm needles using size 6 seed beads.  This was for a teacher whose favourite colour was like the blue of the sky.


This one is my first on bamboo.  I used the Stella Bamboo for it from my leftover stash pile.  Not too sure it will hold up as the yarn is a mini knitted tube.  So one snag and the yarn itself unravels.  But it’s nice and soft around the neck.


The green is cotton again, which I prefer.  Decided this is for a family member, who loves green.


Now, off to string some more beads.  Am going to branch out a bit on the next ones I think.

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Beaded Knitting

I am in luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve I tell ya.  What a beautiful effect!  A friend of mine knit me a beautiful beaded necklace and I love it.  So I decided that this kind of necklace would be perfect teacher and mother gifts for Christmas.

This is my first one, modeled by KJ9.


The pattern is the Scallop Edge Beaded Necklace from the 101 Designer One-Skein Wonder Book.  It’s knit on Patons Serenity DK Bamboo & Cotton. and size 6 glass seed beads.  Took about an hour to string the beads (because needle plus yarn makes it hard to add beads) and maybe 45 minutes to knit.

A couple more pics



I used a toggle for the clasp, which you can see in the last picture.  I also crocheted five chain stitches at each end when I added the toggle, just to add a little more length, making the toggle easier to work.

Simple, yet a very satisfying quick knit.

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Petit Chou

My friend and fellow knitter, Jenny, asked me to knit up a little new-born set for another friend, seeing as she was running behind on life at the moment.  She really wanted to do the Petit Chou from SockPixie, which is the cutest little 4-ply top and booties set.  So Jen sent me the wool, and several weeks later, Voila!



Here is little Miss Nina modeling them.  Isn’t she so cute!



I did find that I had to pick up extra stitches on the sleeves as well as on the top of the booties. But they came out nice and I am so pleased they fit the little chubba girl.

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