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No longer *Tea* Towels

I love coffee.  It is a staple of  my morning.  Without it, I am not a kind person.

I have one of those cool little coffee ground disposal things, which is a great idea in a cafe.  But on a countertop, where the surrounding walls are cream coloured, it’s a sucky idea.  No one tells you that when you are bashing your group handle on the disposal, that it sends droplets of coffee e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

So, my solution was to cover the whole operation with a towel.  Well great idea in theory, but now I have towels with lovely coffee stains.

So, decided I would try out my serviette podge.  I got a set of three towels and some coffee picture serviettes (napkins), and this is what I made

I know I know, they’re white.  But I wasn’t sure how the pictures would turn out on a dark towel.  The podge I used was from Eager Crafters who sell at craft shows all around NZ. It’s a bit steep at $15 a bottle, but so far so good.  Hopefully though,  I am the only one that can spot the mistakes 😀

I’ve finished up some knitting, but it has to be gifted before I can post it here.  And I’ve done some other things too, but they need to be gifted first as well.  So all I have left are some stitch markers I made, and of course, the standard dishcloth that is a good-to-do-between-projects project, knit in Cleckheaton bamboo.


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