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Yarn Porn

I gate crashed a knitters weekend a couple of  weekends ago with some friends from around the lower North Island.  It was put together by the amazing James from Joy of Yarn in Greytown and featured the most awesome Morag of Vintage Purls.  It was a great workshop, teaching toe up socks using Magic Loop.

Here is my little workshop sock.


And this is what snuck in my bag for the trip home.  From Left to Right, Rosewood, Diva, Joy, Dolly and Bluhu.  All are Limited Editions ones except Joy, which Morag makes just for James’ store.


I came home with some Regia Bamboo as well, and started these.


I wrote up the pattern, but have a few friends checking it over, so will post it soon.

In the mean time, here is more yarn porn.

This one is Patonyle, kettle dyed in pinks and reds.


Patonyle again, in reds and blacks.  Both of these are supposed to be secrets, but will reserve the rest of the items associtated with these for another post.


This one is an 8ply, called Mia from Knitworld.  Dyed with procion in Burgundy, Fuchsia, Magenta and Bubblegum.  Love how this one turned out!


These ones are various cotton and bamboo mixtures.  A bit of random dyeing going on, if you can’t tell from the top one, which is what happens when kettle-dyeing goes VERY wrong.


Anyway, it’s always good to find out what works and what doesn’t.


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Yarn Swap V2

The first ever Yarn Swap that Kelly organised on TNN was such a huge hit, that we all did it again.  (Actually V3 is currently in progress as well.)  I got brave and decided I would do two swaps this time, as I had so much fun with it last time.

After the last swap, I saw some fabric with images on it from The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  What a perfect theme.  So I nabbed some of the fabric, plus a panel with the larger pictures on it (the butterfly, worm and leaf) and came up with the rest of my package.  These are the two fabrics I bought.tvhc-panel


So, I wanted to dye my yarn to match.  It took me two tries, but this is what I ended up with.  The first batch didn’t have a proper green in it, which is such a critical colour for the theme, hence why I did a second batch.  The first batch was dyed with kool-aid though, and smelled so lovely, which is why I wanted to use kool-aid.  But never mind.


Now, for the extra parts, I gave clay a go to make some beads.  The fruits in the story were my inspiration, so I used an air-dried clay, and came up with beads in the shape of an orange, apple, plum, strawberry and pear.  I used acrylics to paint them similar to the pictures of the fruits in the books, and then made a set of stitch markers with them.





Then for the gift, I originally wanted to do some sort of picnic basket, but instead found a nice market bag.  I made a drawstring liner for it, so if it gets dirty during veggie shopping, she can chuck it in the wash.


Doing a search for a good recipe, I found one for A Very Tasty Caterpillar, which is a great little mini-pizza set for kids.  I also included a pattern for a apple/pear cosy (though think the tikki rainbow dress would look lovely in that wool as well) and a mini version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar book.

This is the finished set.


And all packaged up in a picnic-like gingham paper.


For the other swap, my swappee’s favourite movie wass Pirates of the Caribbean.  Seemed like it would make a good theme.  So dyed some wool in blues, using the kettle dyeing method, in the attempt to get some blue of the Caribbean waters.


I made some beads, just like I did for the hungry Caterpillar theme, only this time it was a skull, bones and a replica of the medallion from the movie.  I also antiqued and varnished some letter beads, and made a stitch marker to represent a common Jack  Sparrow saying.


I knit up another of the Scallop-edged necklace, using blue for the *water* and black beads to represent the *Black Pearl.*


For the pattern, I added in a copy of this pattern that I blogged about.  The recipe was for Pina Colada, and I added in a bottle of rum to go with it.  I did up letter to explain the swap, done in Pirate Easel, and distressed it to give it a bit of realism.


A few chocolate coins, and a bit of burlap, and this is what I sent.


Just imagine finding this buried on an island in the Caribbean.


But here is the great part: I got to RECEIVE two swaps!!!

The theme of my first swap was based on a poem:

The red rose whispers of passion
And the white rose breathes of love.
O the red rose in a falcon,
and the white rose is a dove
By John Boyle O’Reilly


The yarn is 100g of Colour 4 Me 8ply wool that was dyed with cake gels in the colours of the roses in my swappers garden.


I received the most gorgeous black velvet sewn bag.  The amount of work in this bag would have been enormous.  The cutting, the stitching, oh my!  The picture does it no justice, as velvet is so difficult to photograph.  But take my word, it is stunning.


I also got a batch of homemade chocolates, in the shapes of roses.


Kathreen’s Rose Petal Ice Cream was the recipe that was included.  I have not yet tried it yet, but hope to do so with the kids this summer


And the  included pattern is called Crochet Rose Purse, another free download off Ravelry.


This is how far I’ve gotten.  I have started the rose part 3 times, but obviously am not good enough at crochet to get it right.  Plus I think the rose would look better if I did it in a solid colour.  So, will get to that when I find the right shade of pink to match.


The second one I received had the theme *Berry Juicy.*  It smelled D.I.V.I.N.E when I opened it, thanks to the Dirty Soap.  I got 125 gm of Bendigo Woolen Mills 5ply, dyed in the colours of various berries.



The Dirty Soap and these gorgeous stitch markers, in the colours of various berries were the gifts that were included.  And if you look closely, you will see there is one for crocheting at well.


I also received a recipe for Berry Cheesecake.  That will most definitely be made this summer, seeing as cheesecake is my favourite dessert!

The pattern is called Berry Ripple Socks (the actual name is Rainbow Ripple Socks, but changed to fit the theme) by Linda Dziubala, and is a free download off of Ravelry.  The socks were supposed to be for me, but this is what I get for not doing a gauge swatch: too small socks.  So, once I figured out that the socks would not fit, I only knit the sock long enough for KT5’s foot, who was next in line for a pair of socks.  Thank goodness she has little feet.  But you can see in the picture how nicely self striping the wool came out, and the ripple pattern down the side.


Now to get the second sock done!

Thank you so much White-Rose and Arna.  I love both packages, and can’t wait to see what you both come up with in the next round.

Now, just in case you haven’t had enough, here are links to more yarn candy from the swap. Enjoy

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There are a few more, but will have to wait for people to do some more blogging.

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