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Well, I finished.  The Ravelympics are done.  Ten knitting projects are complete.  And I still had seven hours to spare by the time I was done.

My first two projects were done in a flash, being small items.  The next three, took a couple days, but were done in the first weekend of the Olympics.  Then I slowed.  Sore fingers will do that to you.

So, here are the last five.

I’ve done another pair of the Slip Stitch Longies like I did in this post.  I am just in love with these, so will post a pattern soon for anyone else keen to knit them up.

These are knit using The Wool Company Utiku Multi coloured in the Sunset shade.  I love how the pooling is still slightly visible, yet totally broken up by the slip stitches.  Here are a couple more pics, closeup.

A friend of mine is just starting chemotherapy, so I’ve knit up a hat to keep his warm in the coming Northerm Hemisphere winter.   It’s the Ribbed Beanie from Wooly Wornhead, knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky.  Nice and simple, yet very stylish.  Modeled by the lovely DH.

This is the last bag for the Ravelympics Bag And Tote Backstroke.  It’s the Watercolour Bag, knit in Utiku for the edging and bottom, and Noro Kureyon for the body of the bag.  I wussed out and just used leather for the straps, instead of knitting a 10 foot icord.

So, I was finally on the home stretch.  I saved the socks until the end, because they were going to take longer than the longies.  Nothing like prcrastinating.  I had a lovely Regia sock wool for KM7, but could I find the wool?  Nope.  So I knit up some Opal Lollipop, which KM7 seems equally pleased with.

And the finale, would of course HAVE to be longies.  Knit using The Wool Company Utiku Possum Merino, I knit these up for a little wee man, set to arrive in the world in September/October.  I wanted them to be able to go with everything, and what goes with everything better than jeans.

So, as I cross the finish line, fingers in plasters, Ben Gay rubbed into joints, toothpicks holding eyes open, I did what any avid knitter would do.  Cast on.


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On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!!!

Well, I’ve been busy trying to get everything finished and off my needles.  I’ve signed up for the Ravelypmics!!

What the?

It’s something put together by the folks at Ravelry (where you can find me as PrairieDog), and coincides with the Olympic Games.  Cast on is only a few hours away, so i am pondering my strategy.  I’ve signed up for ten projects.  Where is the panic button!

I am in the following events:

  • Hat Dash (2 hats and 1 Calorimetry headband)
  • Bag N Tote Backstroke (4 bags)
  • Sockput (1 pair of socks for the banana girl)
  • Baby Dressage (2 pairs of longies)

I can’t cast on until the Opening Ceremonies and have 17 days to complete my challenges.  I am thoroughly excited, although I am sure when reality hits, I will want to gouge my eyes out with my knitting needles in frustration.

So, in preparation, I’ve been trying to get some long sitting gifts out of the way.  So I finished the longies from my hand dyed wool.  I’ve called them Earth and Sky, because that’s what the colours bring to mind.

They didn’t have the stripe repeat I wanted, but am still pleased with the colours.  I had enough left over that I crocheted one of Dot’s Little Ditty Bags.

However, I never do a pattern just once. Well, I do, but only if I hate the pattern 😀  So here are a couple more.

Not completely happy with this one.  I hand-dyed the wool from the bottom half and knit up another project, that, er, didn’t turn out right.  So I used the leftover to knit the bag.  I ran out near the top so used a double strand of some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.  I think I might still dress up this bag as it’s lacking in something.

So I knit this one up next with leftover Noro Silk Garden from some Longies I knit.

I LUFF this bag.  But I still had some leftover yarn, so I crocheted a Pocket Elephant as well.

That was actually my second pocket elephant.  This one is the first one, crocheted in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.

The pattern says it should take about an hour to do.  Um, 8 hour later…..  I guess I am a little rusty at crochet.  The kids keep fighting over this one, so it might well be gifted, because I don’t know if I am patient enough to knit three more.

I’ve also knit up two more Calorimetry headbands.  I modified the pattern this time so it didn’t come out so, er, large.  I cast-on 88 stitches and did five double repeats instead of ten.  So KJ9 and KM7 both have ones that fit now.

This is a pair of newborn Skongies (skirt + longies) for my friend Beck‘s bump.  She’s see them now, so I can post 😀 They aren’t exactly the same as the other ones I did for Beck, but very similar.

They are knit in  Charisma in Lollipop, available at The Tin Shed.  The solid colour is Ashford Tekapo Berry.

And finally, I cast off these longies today and got all the ends sewn in about 3pm. My friend, Tash, Hand Dyed the wool, which was part of a raffled basket that was put together as a fundraiser for Aria MacDonald .  I won the basket, but only kept a dishcloth and this wool (I thought Aria’s mum, Anita, deserved the basket more,  but I had to have the wool!).  I’ve been hoarding this wool for ages now, and thought it was time to knit it up.  They are one of my all-time favs now 😀

Here are some close up pics too

So, now that my needles are officially empty, I am all set for my ten events.  Wish me luck!!

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OK. So I have a few obsessions. Everyone has obsessions, right? Some people are neat freaks, others are avid readers, some are amazing gardeners. I however, am pretty lame. Two of my biggest obsessions are chocolate and coffee — I don’t think I would be sane without either. Somehow, I have managed to reduce my intake of both and keep my sanity though I suspect R might beg to differ.

My other obsession is crafting. Currently, due to lack of walkable space in the crap room, er craft room (that’s a post for another day — one where lots of coffee and chocolate are involved), my favourite occupation is knitting. I tend to have nervous hands anyway, and knitting gives my energy a fruitful outlet. I can knit while on the computer, or watching the telly. I can multi task while out having a cuppa with friends or at home chatting on the phone. It’s great for car trips, when I’m not the one driving, or when I am procrastinating putting my children to bed at the end of the day.

The list of knitted items is long, but I have to admit, it’s not very diverse. It’s like when you find the perfect shirt — you want want in every colour, right? Well I have two main knitting obsessions: Longies and Dishcloths.

***Inserts pause for gut wrenching laughter here***

Right, Longies. If you don’t know what longies are, I will assume you don’t have a small child in nappies. Well I’ll say that they are simply knitted wool pants. I was never a lover of wool as a fiber, because, well, being American, I had the mentality that if you can’t chuck it in the washing machine, followed by a tumble in the dryer, then why would you want to use it.


What an amazing and beautiful natural fiber! It is absorbent, yet doesn’t feel ‘wet.’ It breathes naturally. It is so amazingly warm. You can dye it yourself with natural dyes or drink mixes. Fab. Fibre. Fullstop.

So, longies. It’s all the boy wears. KR1 has worn them since I knit up the first pair when he was 8 months old using the Perfection Pants Pattern from Wooly Wonder, which I have morphed together with Pimp My Longies which is a free pattern, plus a dash of my own modifications in to boot.

I started small. A blue pair. Then a green pair. Then had to try a different wool and knit up a few more. I remember asking in a forum post if you could become obsessed with knitting longies. I can wholeheartedly say, WHY YES YOU CAN!

Pretty much every friend that has a baby these days, gets a pair of wool longies from me. i love trying out different wools, variegated and plain, to see the different patterns and colour blends that happen with each pair. One of my favourite wools for longies is The Wool Company Utiku 8ply/DK 100% wool. It’s available in solids and variegates, and knits up beautifully. I impatiently wait every April now for the release of the new colours.

My first two pairs of longies were in this wool. Blues was the first, followed by Seaweed.

Longies Blues

Longies Seaweed v1

Longies seaweed v1 back

So many of the boy colours last year were brown, oranges, beiges, so I tried out some Ashford Tekapo in the Forest colour. These were a fav for a long time because they went with so many different shirts.

Longies Forest

Then a friend of mine and I had a discussion about what each of us thought ‘pirate pants’ would look like. I thought of the black pirate flab with the skull and cross bones. So this is what I created.

Longies Skully 2

Longies Skully 1

I am not sure I will ever again knit something in black, only to add an image with duplicate stitch. What a mission! The pants are in The Wool Company Utiku Possum Merino 8ply. A soft wool, but lacking in strenth with the short fibres. As for the skull pattern, I did some modications to the chart so that the bones would be behind the skull. These are one of my favourite pairs ever!

Here are a few more knit for friends. The first pair was for a dear friend’s little girl. KR1 and A were the best buddies when we lived in New Plymouth. These were done in Twilley’s Freedom Spirit with Tekapo Berry accents. the cuffs are done in loop stitch and looked quite cute when A wore them.

Longies Allie

Longies Allie back

Here is another pair made from Twilley’s Freedom Spirit. These were for my friend from Ecobubs, for her daughter’s first birthday. Cuffs on these ones are crocheted, to give a nice easy frill.

Longies Poppy

I’ve since done a second pair for Poppy. I love the Charisma Lollipop from The Tin Shed, so did the Longies in that, wih Tekapo Berry for the skirt. The skirt edge and the leg cuffs are crocheted picot edge and finished off the skongies (skirt+longies) with just the right touch.

Longies Rainbow Skongies

I had another go with the Utiku Seaweed. A friend was into Camo prints for her impending arrival. This was the best I could do.

Longies Seaweed v2

For Kellan’s Winter Wardrobe, I had to do a whole new set. Gosh, babies don’t stay little for long do they! Anyway, it gave me a reason to knit MORE pants.

This is a new wool this season, Vintage Twist by Cleckheaton. I LOVE this wool. It’s hard to get the repeat to match up, but I love it so much more than the Tekapo Forest, especially because it comes out stripey. Yummo.

Longies Vintage Twist

Longies Vintage Twist closeup

Another colorway that I have been hoarding for the last year is Ashford Tekapo Summertime. Such bright and beautiful primary colours! I like to call this pair Cinco De Mayo Meets Mardi Gras. The pooling of the colours really didn’t sit well with me, but I am not one to frog my knitting. The best part of these longies is the i-cord.

Longies Summertime original front

Longies Summertime original back

The next ones were my first attempt at stripes. Change scared me. i visited a great blog with a good tutorial about tackling the jogless jog, and voila! STRIPES. Stripes are very me. This pair are done in Utiku 8 ply in Donkey and Aqua colourways. I’ve done a second pair as well as a gift for another friend as well. I just think these two colours together are quite complimentary.

Longies striped doney aqua

The wool for this pair is Touch Wool Merino. Very scrummy.

Longies touch wool

And finally, at least for now, a few more gifts.

Another pair of out The Wool Company Seaweed. The pooling on this pair is pretty cool in my opinion. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but at least they are unique.

Longies Seaweed v3

Noro is an amazing brand of yarns. One creative pallet of colours, hues and fibres. These longies are make from the Silk Garden range, and though the high silk content wouldn’t be good for the waterproofness of the pants, they sure do make a lovely pair of pants. Still some embroidery to do, but am debating what to do.

Longies Noro Silk Garden

These have to be one of the top three pairs I’ve made. They are a premmie size, made in Cascade 220 Quattro with Utiku Donkey embroidery. Quattro is one fine wool. Will get purchasing more of it for sure!

longies Premmie

I mentioned earlier that The Wool Company comes out with new colours every year. This year, one of the colours is Blueberry. It’s a variegated wool of denim, burgundy and reds. I’ve done two pairs in this wool. The first pair has short rows and the second does not. I usually do short rows in my longies as it gives a better fit, but with variegated wools, sometimes it nice just to see what the pooling will do.

Longies Blueberry v1

Longies Blueberry v2

Another new Utiku wool this season is the Russet. it’s very similar to the Ambers colourway from last season, but more muted. I was worried that the colours were too muddied. But that just goes to show that things often knit up quite differently than how they look in the hank or the ball.

Longies Russet

This pair is knitted in Treliske Bio-Natur. I love the natural tone of this wool. I did my first ever funky cuff by just winging what I was doing. These are for a little boy named James and guess who he likes! Not a great pic, but oh heavens, a photographer I am NOT.

Longies Bob

Here is another pair knit in the Cascade 220 Quattro. The brown is, oh no, I can’t remember. Anyway, I love this pair. If I were insane keen, I would make a pair for me.

Longies Fade to brown

This pair is more Utiku in one of the Natural Colours. The cow is from The Best of Debbie Bliss Children’s Knits and was just the perfect size for these pants.

Longies Moo

I’m missing pictures of a few more pairs I’ve knit, but I saved this pair for last. It has such pretty girly colours, with lots of pink and jade tones. Just so so pretty that I couldn’t help but buy it. I should mention that it’s also Ashford Tekapo. I should also mention that it is this winter’s version of the Summertime colourway. I have to say I have my knickers in a wad over it, but I will save that for another post. In the mean time, here they are, for wee miss R.

Longies Summertime 2008

Phew. Finally done! You still awake?

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